Turmoil.io Launcher

A game launcher for Turmoil.io
#vue.js #javascript #electron.js #desktop-app

A tool designed to keep a players game client updated. This was made for Turmoil.io.


  • Written using electron.js and vue.js
  • Updates a players game client
  • Detects if Java is installed on the users computer
  • Allows the user to run the game client using a specific Java version (if the app detects more than 1 java version installed)
  • Pulls blog posts from turmoil.io's website database
  • Tells the user how many players are online (Not realtime but updates every 5 seconds)
  • Tells the user if the server is online (Not realtime but updates every 5 seconds)


Keeps the users client and launcher updated. Also lets the user select a Java version if they have more than 1 Java version installed.


Users can checkout the latest updates and announcements.


Users can browse community made YouTube videos of the game


Clicking "Play Now" button will launch the game client

Built and designed by Chad Adams
Copyright © 2023 Chad Adams