Turmoil.io Website

Website I made for Turmoil.io
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This was a website I made for Turmoil.io.

Tech Stack

  • React.js (Frontend)
  • Next.js (React framework, used this to make the site isomorphic. Initial render is on the server for good SEO and page load then subsequent data fetches are rendered on the client)
  • MySQL (Database)
  • Stripe (Payment Processor)
  • Node.js
  • SendGrid (Email Delivery Service)



Bottom of homepage

Login page

Register page

Account recovery page

Web store page. Users would go here to buy in-game items. They can either buy the actual item or the amount of credits so they can purchase the item in-game themselves. If they purchase the item on the web store the item will be waiting for them at the donator shop in-game.

Bottom of webstore page

Vote page when a user is not signed in.

Vote page (signed in) users would go here to vote for the game on each of the top lists. Voting helps the game get recognized. If a user votes for the game they will receive voting tickets which they can use to purchase items in-game.

Settings page (signed in) where a user can change their email or password.

A user can change their email.

A user can change their password.

This is where users would go to download the game client. They can either pick the "Launcher Installer" which would download my other project the Turmoil Launcher (which is an electron app) or they can download the Jar Launcher which is the Java version.

Built and designed by Chad Adams
Copyright © 2023 Chad Adams