Chad Adams • Jun 22, 2019 1 min read

A brief introduction about myself. My name is Chad Adams, I am a 25 year old Software Developer from Minnesota, USA. I am a Full Stack developer. I enjoy writing UI's because I like making software visually appealing and useful. I used to create desktop apps and sell them for a living. I have recently moved towards web apps because I believe they are the future. Cross-platform is important if you want to reach a bigger audience; every device supports JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I recently decided to start a Blog. The reason I wanted to start a blog was to share my experiences of what I have learned throughout my journey as a Software Developer. I also see other developers with their own blog or personal website and here's me without both. I'm not going to blog everyday but I do plan on blogging at least once a week. My blog is going to share what I have learned or discuss a topic of my interest.

Since I don't have a personal website yet, I went and bought the domain chadalen.com. (Not up yet) but what I plan on doing is making my blog a separate environment (blog.chadalen.com) This will give me the ability to write the blog site in React + Gatsby then on my personal website (chadalen.com) I can use Vue. I personally believe every web developer should know the 3 most popular web frameworks out there right now. (Angular, React, Vue). At least for me when someone talks about Vue I can have a strong discussion about it. I choose to use Vue for my personal website because I know Angular and React already and I want to learn Vue. My personal website is going to be a small project so it makes perfect sense for Vue.