I Setup My Business Email

How I setup my personal email me@chadalen.com
July 21, 2019
1 min read
#business #zoho

I've always wanted to create a business email. I was researching ways I could setup a business email for free. I came across an article where you could use Gmail and smtp2go. Unfortunately Google no longer supports this because people were able to send emails with spoofed "from" email addresses. Next option I looked into Zoho. I was able to setup a free business email through them however I'm not able to use gmail. I've been a long time gmail user so using something other than gmail feels odd. Currently "me@chadalen.com" is using Zoho so I don't have to pay for it. Eventually I'm going to switch to Google's G Suite. One reason I love Google's G Suite is that it's incredibly easy to setup. Also for $6 a month you can have multiple business emails and from multiple domains. I was able to setup "feedback@scape.tools" and "chad@stellasoft.io" within 15 minutes.

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